Geography prompts pupils to take a look at the world in which they live, and provides an opportunity to investigate the physical and human characteristics of the world, and understand the close links between the human population and the natural environment. Geography encourages pupils to think on a wider scale and opens their minds to new and exciting ideas.


The National Curriculum for Geography at Key Stage 3 focuses on teaching pupils to develop the skills needed to research and understand key issues in the world today. It also allows them to develop ways to express their own views and reactions; to draw conclusions from their studies; to use the appropriate terminology; and to make use of the relevant instruments, resources, equipment and mediums, especially ICT, which will help facilitate this process.

The National Curriculum concentrates on the effect we have on the local and global environment and encourages the children to consider how to improve and better manage their impact on the natural world.

Why Study at Clifton College?

Pupils at Clifton College Preparatory School will acquire and develop many geographical skills, including map work and fieldwork. They will also be encouraged to extend their locational knowledge and investigate patterns and processes within the human world, through the study of topics such as settlement, transport, industry, farming, tourism, urban development, and the differing environments that humans have created and inhabit.

Alongside this, pupils will study weather and climate, the water cycle, rocks, mountains, earthquakes and volcanoes. They will be encouraged to take a look at how humans affect these natural processes and environments.