The English Department aims to provide a stimulating and successful grounding in English language and literature for pupils throughout the college, as well as inspiring a lifelong love of reading and language.



The English Department aims to develop oral skills, so that the pupils are confident participants and responsive listeners; fluency in a range of reading, both fiction and nonfiction; an enjoyment of literature - novels, plays, short stories and poetry; the ability to use the School Library and Information Technology facilities selectively to retrieve information through research; and the ability to produce a range of types of writing, appropriate to purpose and audience.


Why study at Clifton College?

The teaching of language skills, handwriting, grammar, spelling and punctuation, is an integral part of the curriculum, and is taught as a means to communication, rather than in isolation. Crucial to our aims is a coherent purpose and method that ensure continuity between years and Key Stages and keep the teachers confident of their role in the process of progression, and hence in their ability to communicate a series of basic skills and strategies to the children in a way that makes the pupils enthusiastic learners.

Reading Records are used throughout the school and are an integral part of our focus on books, allowing each student to record the reading they do within and beyond the classroom.