Studying drama encourages pupils to develop their teamwork and communication skills, as well as to build their confidence and become accustomed to public speaking.



Lessons are designed to support the teaching of English as well as to offer children opportunities to appear on stage. In addition we try to develop cross-curricular links with other subjects.

Participating in drama encourages children to: 

  • Work together
  • Speak and express ideas clearly
  • Develop their imagination
  • Develop listening and observational skills
  • Understand various points of view
  • Learn the historical background of the theatre
  • Understand the structure of plays
  • Create their own scenes and plays
  • Understand and experience of the technical side of the theatre
  • Develop an appreciation of drama and a habit of theatre-going


Each year we present two full scale plays, one for Years 7/8 and one for Year 5. These are performed in the school's own theatre, The Redgrave.

Each Spring term, the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School visits with a production and there are many opportunities for outings to theatres in Bristol including the Theatre Royal, the Hippodrome and the Redgrave. Some children perform in radio and television plays.