Forest School

Forest School

Forest School is a type of outdoor education in which children visit forests and woodlands in order to learn personal, social and technical skills. 


At Clifton College, we have a large site at Beggar’s Bush that incorporates a large forest area and a meadow area where the children can work, plan, investigate and learn.

Forest School uses the woods and forests as a means to build independence and self-esteem in children and young adults. Topics are cross-curriculum, broad in subject, and include the natural environment. Examples include:

  • The role of trees in society
  • The complex ecosystem supported by a wilderness
  • Recognition of specific plants and animals

This is in addition to valuable personal skills, such as teamwork and problem solving.

Rules of Forest School 

We have special rules at Forest School to keep us safe:

  1. We listen to all the grown-ups, especially our Forest School Leader
  2. We stay within the boundary rope line
  3. We move carefully in the forest using our feet, eyes and ears to watch, feel and hear where we are going
  4. We do not throw or swing objects around in the forest
  5. We are always careful with sticks; if we pick them up, we drag them carefully behind us
  6. We look after things; we never pick growing plants
  7. We always show things we have found to the grown-ups
  8. We wash and wipe our hands before eating and never put our hands in our mouth
  9. We never eat anything from the forest
  10. We put things back carefully in the forest before we leave.