Wollaston's Town

Wollaston's Town

Wollaston’s House is named after George Hyde Wollaston Esq (1844-1926) who was assistant master at Clifton College from 1870 to 1899.

As a Day House, the boys can arrive any time after 8:00am, and can stay until 6:00pm in the evening if they need to. The House is the boy’s base during the day and they come back to the House for break time and after lunch before going off to play, read or relax.

There are several communal rooms in the House, which have been recently decorated and upgraded. The Registration Room is a very comfortable and welcoming room, with sofas and armchairs and two separate bookcases for fiction and nonfiction books. Boys also have use fo the upstairs Games Room, which houses two snooker tables, a table football game and a piano. The Year 4 children always seem particularly attracted to this room. Downstairs (along with the Changing room, showers and Bathroom) there is the Table Tennis Room, where you will usually find the Year 5 and 6 boys practising their skills.

The staff in Wollaston’s House understand the demands of trying to balance School and home life. It is our aim to help the boys stay organised so that they are able enjoy their School life, and all the opportunities it presents, to the full. All the staff and Tutors make the boys feel that the House is their home-from-home. Wollaston’s offers a warm, family atmosphere where each boy feels valued and their specific needs are catered for.

In addition, the boys themselves are very aware of their duty to each other. They are encouraged to look out for one another wherever they may be on the school campus, and to always offer help to a Housemate in need.