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Tait's Town

Tait's Town

Situated close to the Main School Building, Tait's bears the name of C.W.A Tait, former master in the Upper School in the time of Percival. His stern photo portrait adorns the hallway. The House itself predates the Pre Building. The Rose Garden behind the house is an oasis of calm every day as well a popular venue for summer gatherings serving the whole school.

Tait's, as a Lower Pre house, has Year 4 & 5 classrooms directly upstairs which is awfully convenient during inclement weather. We are also fortunate to have Whatley pitch immediately adjacent for use at break times and for the football club. Many music teachers confirm that we have the best upright piano in the school, complete with Royal Seal of approval. Finally, we are also the hub for the Team Lego Club, the Hornby Railway Club & the whole School Chess Club.

We have two goldfish, which receive tons of attention and too much food. How they tolerate us, I cannot imagine.

We organise lots of activities for the boys. House trips are primarily at the end of the Michaelmas term for the whole House, and at the end of the summer term for the departing Year 6 boys. Occasionally we attend plays. The annual House Song performance is always a high priority.