Day Pupils and Houses

Day Pupils and Houses

Clifton College is one of a very small number of Preparatory Schools in which every boy and girl, whether day or boarder, is attached to a House.

These Houses give the children a secure base throughout the day as well as affording parents the opportunity of daily contact with their children’s pastoral staff.

Your son or daughter will be part of a tutor group of between 10 and 12 children who meet with their tutor on a regular basis. The role of the tutor is to monitor academic progress and, along with the House Master or House Mistress, ensure that the day-to-day problems your child encounters are dealt with effectively and sympathetically.

Matrons play a crucial role in all Houses. They are typically not matrons in the medical sense, but are like a mother to the pupils. They know the whereabouts of every item of clothing, provide enormous moral support, intuitively know how your daughter or son is feeling, and appear ever-present.

Many Day children board occasionally ,and the school's flexible approach to this meets the needs of increasingly busy parents and also helps to enhance the 24-hour care ethos in which we all take pride. Whether it is full or weekly-boarding, or just a 'sleep-over', all involved have one thing in common - they have great fun!

Day House Profiles

Wollaston's Town

Wollaston’s House is a Boy’s Day House for Years 4, 5 and 6. Wollaston’s offers a warm, family atmosphere where each boy feels valued and their specific needs are catered for.

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Matthews' House

Matthews' House is a Day House for girls. It is a welcoming, happy and vibrant house, with a fun and friendly atmosphere.

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Tait's Town

Tait's Town is the Day House for boys in Years 4-6. Tait's bears the name of C.W.A Tait, former master in the Upper School in the time of Percival.

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