Co-curricular Activities for Year 3

All pupils in Year 3 are offered the chance to join a variety of after school clubs. These are mostly run by staff and free of charge. Where an activity requires the employment of an outside coach (e.g. Karate, Judo, Ballet, Tap) there will be a weekly charge.

To encourage variety, the club choices are changed each term and the children have the opportunity to try their hands at lots of different skills.

Co-curricular Activities for Years 4, 5 and 6

The Co-Curriculum or Activities Programme is one of the Preparatory School’s major strengths; it ensures each pupil receives a full and balanced co-curricular education.

Children can participate in many activities, including the artistic, the dramatic, the creative, the sporting, and the alternative, such as Rock Climbing, Judo, Karate and Yoga.

We also have a new Equestrian club which enables girls and boys to compete at National Schools’ Equestrian Association events.

Add to this the whole plethora of music groups, the Orchestra and the celebrated School Choir, and you begin to see why we are so proud of our Activities Programme.