We aim to make Science an interesting and attractive subject. We provide opportunities for the pupils to develop their skills, creativity, knowledge and understanding of Science through a range of activities, to work quantitively, use first-hand and secondary courses of information and to develop their use of ICT.


We encourage pupils to think carefully and to ask questions during their work; to communicate their ideas and information in a variety of ways (including ICT), using scientific terms and symbols, SI units, and to demonstrate their scientific knowledge and understanding.

We also encourage them to relate scientific knowledge and understanding to familiar phenomena and things used every day, to develop awareness of the relevance of Science to their personal health, living things and local environment, how it influences the quality of their lives and how it has contributed to scientific and technological developments.

We demonstrate to pupils how to obtain evidence to test scientific ideas and to consider how ideas have changed through time; the reasons for these developments, to see that Science provides explanations for many phenomena and that scientific knowledge and understanding need to be supported by evidence to explain these fully. 


Why Study Science at Clifton College? 

We arrange regular trips to support classroom learning. Places we have visitied include Slimbridge Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust and Tyntesfield Earthkeepers. We also have a programme of visiting lecturers.