Design and Technology

Design and Technology

The Technology Department provides a programme of study which helps pupils develop their skills in design and making, to combine those skills with understanding, innovation and creativity in order to produce high quality products, and to develop an appreciation of the technological processes involved in the production of goods and products.


Pupils are set projects, examples of which include the design and production of storybooks, T-shirts, textiles, controllable vehicles, and walking machines.

In class, we make robots and bridges, and use a great deal of electronics. Currently, we are in the process of constructing a Formula 24 electric racing car, and we have previously designed and built a two-man hovercraft.


Why Study Design and Technology at Clifton College?

We pride ourselves on providing an all-round education, grounding our pupils in all aspects of practical design and technology.

Through the outdoor learning programme, pupils take part in archery and orienteering, using items they have designed and built.