Clifton College Preparatory School Open Day – What to Expect

Clifton College Preparatory School Open Day – What to Expect

Our Preparatory School Open Days are always a great opportunity for parents and children to visit Clifton College and see our top facilities and unique ethos first hand.

You will take a tour round several classrooms and departments, witness our extensive facilities and talk with staff and pupils about life at Clifton.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect on the Open Day.

9.45am – A warm welcome

Visitors will register in our Preparatory School Hall. Families can enjoy tea, coffee, squash and bacon rolls, or orange juice, fruit and granola for a healthier alternative.

10.00am – Hear our visions

Headmaster Jim Walton and Mrs Jo Newman, Nursery and Pre-Preparatory Headmistress, introduce Clifton College’s vision for your child’s future and explain what exactly makes our School so special.

10.20am – Meet your guides as the tour begins

Now it is time for you to see what makes Clifton College tick. You will be assigned two pupil guides to show you around the School. Be sure to get to know them and ask them about their Clifton experience: their favourite subjects, the best after-school activities and how the House system works.

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All of our pupils from Year 4-8 have lessons on Saturday mornings, with Saturday afternoons for participating in sports teams, so during your tour you’ll be able to get a real taste of what exactly goes on during a normal morning at Clifton College. 

Your guides will escort you to our languages classrooms, where pupils have the opportunity to learn French, Spanish, German or Mandarin – and always, as is the norm at Clifton, in classes with a maximum of 20 pupils (current average: 16-18).

You can visit our outstanding science facilities. Take a look around our five laboratories, our specialist computer lab and our array of zoological artefacts that have been accumulated over the last 150 years.

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The music department above the science department shows first-hand our strong musical tradition. All Clifton Colllege pupils will enjoy weekly music classes from the start of school. From Year 2, your child will have the chance to learn an instrument such as violin, cello, piano, trumpet, flute, guitar or drums during their time here. 

Walking down the campus to our dance and drama studio, you will be able to see our large, airy facilities where our pupils develop their understanding and love for the creative arts. Ask your guides about the drama opportunities at the Prep School’s colourful productions! 

After the drama, you’ll see our enviable sports facilities, including our on-site 25m indoor pool where pupils enjoy weekly swimming sessions, and the sports hall where your child will develop key skills playing a wide variety of sports. From here you’ll also be able to see Clifton’s outdoor tennis courts and its cricket pitch – the picture-perfect home of the world’s one-time biggest individual score. 

Don’t forget to ask your guides about our Beggar’s Bush sports complex, which has top-class facilities for football, rugby, hockey, racquet sports, netball, as well as an archery range and a low ropes centre. 

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The design and technology department equips enquiring minds with all the tools they need to learn about the world and themselves. Take a look at the Formula 24 cars designed by our pupils, the digitally-controlled manufacturing equipment and fully kitted-out computer design rooms. 

Upstairs, the art department highlights our commitment to creativity, with facilities available to encourage expression across a range of media. From oil painting and drawing to sculpting, slab building and photography, our varied, experienced art team can get the most from each pupil. 

Across the prep school campus you’ll see Clifton College’s three age-specific libraries: the ‘Early Years’ Year 3 Library which comes complete with little ‘dens’ for pupils to read in; the specialist Year 4-8 library and the main Preparatory School Library with a state-of-the-art ICT suite and an extensive collection of fiction and non-fiction materials.

Understanding the Clifton culture

You’ll also be shown the life at Clifton behind the learning. We’re proud of our unique House system, which provides a home from home for every pupil in Year 4 and above and you’ll be able to tour round some of these Houses. 

Each of our Houses has an individual culture with different personalities and dedicated pastoral staff. Outside of school hours, Houses will relax in a variety of ways – playing pool and table tennis; having fun in the ‘X Factor’ room or just kicking back with a book in House Hall sitting room. 

11.45am – Talking over refreshments

After the tour there’s the chance to return to the School Hall to talk with the Headmaster, Deputy Heads, staff and admissions team about any questions you have. You may wish to discuss:

  • Information about scholarships and admissions
  • Boarding options
  • Clubs and after school activities
  • Learning support


12.00pm– End


Book your place now by calling our Preparatory Admissions team or click here to book your Open Day place online.

Can’t wait? Take a virtual tour of Clifton College here.