Gorgeous chicks hatch in Prep School laboratory

Gorgeous chicks hatch in Prep School laboratory

DSC_8200We have been incubating chicken eggs in one of the laboratories in Prep School Science and this week, we have been lucky enough to watch some of them hatch. 

The children have found it fascinating to watch them emerge from their shells and to learn all about their growth development. They have also have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to give them a gentle little cuddle!


The children have been busy coming up with some name suggestions for the little chicks, including Thor, Lemon, Keith (my personal favourite) and wait for it... Chicky McChickFace. 

Once the chicks are old enough to leave incubation they will be going home to join a member of staff's lovely brood of chickens at home. Once they've reached maturity, we'd like to have them back here at the College, we're just currently deciding where they will live!

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