Year 2 and 3 perform Jack and the Giant

Year 2 and 3 perform Jack and the Giant




Based on the old favourite Jack and the Beanstalk, this colourful and uplifting story was performed by our Year 2 and 3 children with large amounts of enthusiasm, talent and joy.

The professional appearance of the costumes, make up, props and set all added to the experience and the delighted audience clung to every word as Jack set about saving the villagers from the clutches of the Giant.


Jack, ably supported by Susan and Mrs Spriggins kept the audience enthralled, particularly in the hilarious cow milking scene where poor Angus the cow had to produce a bottle of milk from a bucket. The scarecrow and the Good Queen Violet gave strong support and the trolls, chefs and villagers all played their part in making the show such a success.

The choreography was excellent throughout, particularly during What Can I Do, as Princess Rose lamented her situation whilst the ladies in waiting danced around her. The movement in Market Day was also noticeable for its complexity and polish. The enjoyment spilled over from the stage to the audience as they clapped along to songs and roared with laughter in the funny moments.


There was a great cameo by the Golden Goose who honked and hissed her way around the stage, eventually producing the golden egg! The Bean Seller gave a very mature performance and Hugo the Butler did his best to upstage everyone. I loved the High Sheriff and his Deputy as they tried to keep order.

The Year 2 and 3 children gave it everything both in the dances and during the opening, where they were among the audience, singing their hearts out! Special mention has to go to the Singing Harp, dressed head to foot in gold. She walked, sang and played the golden ukulele all at the same time as if she had been doing it all her life. It truly was a magnificent performance that should not be underestimated.


The ensemble singing was fantastic, especially during the three part Run Jack Run, which would have done a Year 6 production proud! With the fine musicians in the pit, driving the show onwards, the end came all too soon and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when Jack and the cast ended with another rendition of Possibilities. It would seem that for this group of children, the possibilities are endless - what a talented bunch!

With thanks to Les Gillam from the Bristol Post for this review. He gave the performance 5 stars.

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