Sailing team competes for Wilton Shield

Sailing team competes for Wilton Shield


This weekend, the 1st and 2nd sailing team competed for the Wilton Shield, a trophy that was last awarded in 1967 and was lost until early this year.

Throughout the 1960s, the shield was sailed for in a fixture between Clifton and Sherbourne. It was last won by Sherbourne, where it has been lost for 52 years.

The fixture is being held over two legs, one home and one away. Saturday was the first of these, with Clifton hosting two teams from Sherborne at Chew Valley.

Windy conditions made for challenging racing, with boat handling and hiking strength being tested. The 2nd team raced first and took an early lead, before Sherbourne came back with two wins.

The 1st team then competed in three very close races, all of which were not decided until the final leg. A mention must go to Petru and Nick who showed their skills and fitness to be the fastest boat of the afternoon.

Dispite this, Clifton came out on the wrong side of two of these narrow races, meaning that Clifton trail 4-2. Despite this score line, there is reason to be optimistic going into next weekend's away leg. A strong performance would see the results go Clifton's way.