Hartnell’s House has a new boarder

Hartnell’s House has a new boarder


Meet Bertie. She’s the newest member of Hartnell’s House!

This gorgeous black Lab puppy is only 12 weeks old and she has already become a very big character in the Prep School House. 


Bertie is loving life in a busy boarding house. She gets very excited to meet the boys every morning who shower her with love, cuddles and affection. 


Her favourite things to do when the boys are at lessons is to chase her toy pheasant around the house and stretch out in the warmth of the sun. Bertie also keeps the house under close protection by chasing and barking the hoover away.


Mr Thompson, House Master and owner of Bertie, said, “Bertie has quickly become a much loved member of the Hartnell’s family. Whether being taken for a walk, played with around the house or simply being patted in passing, she never fails to put a smile on all of our faces.”


Bertie seems to grow in size every time we see her! Follow our Instagram page (@cliftoncollegeuk) to see updates on her life at Hartnell’s House.