The Clifton Herald student newspaper

The Clifton Herald student newspaper


We spoke to the Co-Editor-in-Chiefs, Billy Thomas-Connolly and Ella Kipling, of the Clifton Herald to find out what happens behind the scenes to create this incredible student newspaper...

At the Clifton Herald, we discuss current affairs specific to our topic matter and list ideas of potential articles so there is no crossover, before making a final decision on what we are going to write articles on.

The next step is research, which usually involves using information from other articles on the internet as well as finding statistics from a range of sources. Starting the writing process of your article is an exciting endeavour, filled with research and planning. Picking the right topic for your article is vital and you must ensure that you are not copying anyone else's work.


We all have our individual guidelines for what our article roughly should be about depending on what section we are in. For example, Yeji is in the Science and Technology team so her recent article focuses on the science behind sleeping. The writing process itself can take anywhere from an hour for short, light-hearted articles to many hours of work spread out over a few weeks.

Once the article is finished, we read back through it, checking any spelling mistakes, typos and adding in an inventive photo to pull the article together. This peer review is vital in ensuring the articles remain relevant and interesting to our reader base. We firmly believe that the enjoyment we take in writing translates across into the quality of the articles we produce.


Once all the articles are together, our fantastic design team collate them into an appealing layout and, after one final check over, the paper is sent of to the printing press. This is the culmination of the many hours of hard work and seeing the physical papers is a hugely rewarding moment.


Ella Kipling said, "Leading the Herald the past two terms has brought its challenges, but above all has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Being able to hold the final product in my hand which we spent the last term working so hard on is an amazing feeling, and having what originally started as an idea being materialised into a real newspaper which was available to the whole school was so exciting.

The Chapel service where we announced the release of the Clifton Herald involved a trumpet fanfare, a banner cascading down from the organ pit and ‘street vendors’ handing out copies outside of Chapel. We are now getting ready for our second edition."


Billy Thomas-Connolly added, “The Clifton Herald has been a hugely positive experience. Not only has it developed hard skills such as journalistic writing technique, but also soft skills like team management and organisation, whilst of course having fun at the same time.

I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is looking to pursue a career in journalism, study English at University or who just enjoys writing."

The second edition of The Clifton Herald will be published next week!