Alex's Adventure Playground

Alex's Adventure Playground

We are very excited to announce the grand opening of Alex’s Adventure Playground. This was a pupil driven project from the Pupil School Council supported by the Alexander Bjoroy Memorial Fund, Old Cliftonian’s and Clifton College Services Ltd.

We are proud of all the children who took part in this project. They worked hard to raise money, hand select the company and equipment and organised the layout of the playground at the Preparatory School.

Mrs Byas said: “It has been a great experience and journey for the children to follow through with a big project step by step, learning along the way how to plan, finance and work together as a team”.

The pupils and staff enjoyed the opening ceremony, which was officiated by the Bjoroy family who cut the ribbon to declare it officially open. The playground is a big hit already and will be enjoyed by our pupils for years to come.

Thank you to all who supported this project.