Prep Headmaster samples a day in the life of Year 5

Prep Headmaster samples a day in the life of Year 5

Maths1Our Prep Headmaster, Jim Walton, experienced a day in the life of our Year 5 pupils as he shadowed them during Friday's lessons.

Speaking to Jim before his big day, he said, "I will be joining Year 5 for the day to experience the wonder of being 10 again. I'm looking forward to Science and DT, but I am a bit nervous about Games as the pupils are all going to be faster and fitter than I am! I have almost the same balance of nerves and excitement that I felt on the first day as Headmaster at the Prep School."

Friday was the first of two 'swap days' between Jim and the children. So keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page because, very soon, two selected pupils will get to experience a day in the life of being the Prep Headmaster.


After a fascinating day of learning and keeping up on the Rugby pitch, we caught up with Jim to see how he got on. Jim said, "It was a very busy and exciting day. In the morning, I had a song lyrics quiz at Registration, followed by Maths investigations and Bug design in DT, by the time I got to Creative Writing Club at lunchtime I was exhausted!

In the afternoon, I enjoyed flower dissection in Science, then it was off to the rugby pitch for our Games session as a warm up for our match against Cheltenham Prep the next day. I have to admit though, I haven't finished my Science homework yet..."