Year 5 pupils experience a day in the life of Headmaster

Year 5 pupils experience a day in the life of Headmaster

DSC_2546-2You may remember our Headmaster, Mr Walton, recently sampled a day in the life of our Year 5 children. On Friday 2nd November, the tables were turned... two of our Year 5 pupils, Lexie and Alisdair, were chosen to spend a day being Headmistress and Headmaster of our Prep School!

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We spoke to the pair as they eagerly counted down the days till their big day. They said, "We were both delighted to be appointed as Heads of the Prep School for a day. When we were first spoken to, by Mr Walton, about the job we thought that we were in trouble, but could not think of anything that we had done wrong! We were really excited waiting for 2nd November to arrive and just wanted the days to go by really fast."

Set with their staff cards, they had lots of important tasks and meetings scheduled for the day. After an early morning meeting with our Pre-Prep Headmistress, Mrs Newman, they helped give out the children's award stickers during the Butcombe Hall assembly.

They then took our admissions staff on a tour around the Prep School and Houses to make sure their knowledge of the school and grounds was perfected and ready for their parent tours that day.


After a spot of lunch, it was straight back to official duties as our acting Headmistress and Headmaster had a meeting with the College's Marketing Director, Mandy. Here, they were shown previews of the new school branding and made some very important decisions on the imagery involved with this.

Lexie and Alisdair were busy bees on Friday afternoon. However, they did find time in their busy schedule for a quick meeting with Dr Greene, the Upper School Head Master and Head of College!


With the end of the day approaching, and a well-deserved 'feet up' rest on its way, our acting Headmistress and Headmaster finished their busy afternoon by taking Mr Walton's Geography Class with 7EM. 


Reflecting on the day, Alisdair said, "I have really enjoyed missing lessons and I don't want the day to end." Lexie added, "I really enjoyed going in the staff only room in the Science Department, where there were really cool things like chemicals."

Lexie and Alisdair did a tremendous job with their official duties on Friday, very well done to both... Now back to work Mr Walton!

Below you can find Lexie and Alisdair's full official schedule: 

0800 Crossing duty
0830 Pre-Prep Celebration Assembly 
0915 SWAT - Senior Week Ahead Team
1000 Admissions meeting - A guided Tour for Prospective Parents
1100 Lesson onservations with Mr Lougher (Science & Maths)
1200 Lunchtime at Upper School with Mr Walton (fish and chips!)
1300 Boarding House tour of Hartnell's with Mr Thompson
1330 Write our Preview article for November 9th
1400 Marketing meeting at 32, College Road
1430 Strategy meeting with Dr Green at Upper School
1500 Coffee Break - bring on the biscuits
1525 7EM Geography lesson