A chance to own a bit of Big School

A chance to own a bit of Big School

UnnamedA chance to own a bit of Big School and help raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support...

We are Aerol, one of this year’s Business Enterprise groups, and our aim is to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support. When we saw the renovation being carried out on Big School, we were inspired to use the waste slate from the roof to help us raise money.

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We came up with the idea to transform the old slate into a unique chance for people to own a small piece of Clifton College's stunning 150-year-old Big School roof, by turning them into stylish drink coasters and cheese boards.

We needed to find a unique selling point, which lead us to work with Alex and Kieran from local company Bristol Lasering. They helped us to laser etch the school crest and name onto each of the slates. We were able to use the machines to create what we think are unique and beautiful pieces of the College's heritage. 

You will have the chance to buy our coasters and cheese boards at the Prep School Christmas Fair on Saturday 8th December, but if you would like to purchase one before that, any pupils can come to Lab B to buy one. They cost £5 for a coaster and £20 for a rectangular cheese board.

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