The Pens 2018 - 23 March 2018

The Pens 2018 - 23 March 2018

The Pens was fantastically organised by Mrs Hume again who ordered blue sky and sunshine! It is a tough competition and even though the individual winners will receive awards there were many fantastic personal achievements so well done to all. The route was around Ashton Court. The Long Pen run by all the sixth form is 10km for the boys and 9.6km for the girls. The Mid Pen run by 4th and 5th form is 5.2km and the Short Pen run by 3rd form is 4.5km.

Individual Winners - Girls
Short Pen – Bunny Cordeaux HLH
Middle Pen – Kitty Murdoch WoH
Long Pen – Isobel Leeming  HLH

Individual Winners - Boys
Short Pen –  Harry Cox MH
Middle Pen – Benjamin Joseland ET
Long Pen – Isaac Williams NT

It is definitely worth mentioning that Izzy Leeming has continued with her 100% success record: she has won the Short Pen and the Middle Pen twice and now the Long Pen as a Lower Sixth. She represented Avon Schools in the National Cross Country Finals; well done Izzy.
Overall Team Winners - Girls
Short Pen - HLH
Middle Pen - HLH
Long Pen - HLH

Overall Team Winners - Boys
Short Pen -MH
Middle Pen - ET
Long Pen - NT

Pens Cup Winners (First three to finish the long Pens)
The winners were North Town with:
Isaac Williams 1st
Ollie Milner 5th
Tom Rose 6th