Clifton College Student Prepares to Become the Youngest Person to Cycle Around the World

Clifton College Student Prepares to Become the Youngest Person to Cycle Around the World

Rtwc4 (1)Adventurer and keen cyclist, Charlie Condell, is celebrating the end of his A Level exams by setting off on an extreme around the world trip.

The 18-year-old will cycle around the world solo and completely unsupported. He is hoping to become the youngest person ever to have accomplished such an expedition.

Charlie plans to cycle 18,000 miles in eight months through 20 countries, climbing over the equivalent of 26 Mount Everest's.Rtwc Route

He initially planned to travel just through Europe, doing 10,000km which then increased to 10,000 miles. He then looked at the line stretched out and thought ‘let’s just go for the world.’

Having just finished his A level exams, he has found it hard to find the time to fit in training, however he is confident in his fitness and mental strength.

“I can’t wait for New Zealand, it is going to be amazing. I’m also looking forward to the West Coast of America. I have done a lot of Europe already so it will be good to get going through some areas that I know.

“The College have been very supportive and I was thrilled to be given the Moriarty Travel Award to help fund my travels. The teachers have gotten very involved supporting and following me, Mr Williams, my geography teacher, has helped me with my route,” said Charlie.

Charlie has a carbon-fibre bike that weighs only 7kg and his entire kit weighs under 15kg – including a multi-tool and many, many patches to repair punctures along the way.

Tom Davies, from London, currently holds the title for youngest person to cycle the world when he completed the challenge in 2015 at 19-years-old.

Charlie is funding his trip from his savings and he has also set up a crowdfunding page for people to support him on this bike ride of a lifetime.

He set off on Friday 6th July, just a day after his final day of school.

We are so proud of Charlie, who joined Clifton College in Year 5 and leaves The South Town in Year 13. We cannot wait to follow his progress.

You can follow his trip through his blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.