Clifton College Careers Fair

Clifton College Careers Fair

The Clifton College Careers Fair welcomed a variety of professionals to come and talk to our Lower Sixth students about life after sixth form.

It provided the perfect opportunity for our students to find out more about different careers, to ask questions and seek advice.

The afternoon started with speeches in the Redgrave Theatre with talks from OC Jonathon Glassberg, founder and owner of JB Drax Honore, and James Isaacs, Partner at Eric Salmon & Partners.

The students could then choose three different workshops from experts in a field that interests them. There were 32 different workshops, ranging from working as a photographer, a BBC journalist, a doctor, an engineer, an architect and many more.

Emma Kenyon, Head of Careers leader, said: “We are so grateful to all of the OCs who give up their time to come and talk to the students. The students hugely appreciate the opportunity to hear from those with a similar start in life, and find out more about careers that interest them."