Year 5 Production: Madagascar

Year 5 Production: Madagascar












The Redgrave Theatre was transformed into the exciting and colourful jungle for the Year 5 production, Madagascar. The family-favourite story followed Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria from their comfortable home in New York Zoo into the unknown, noisy delights of the wild.

The compelling dynamic of the four furry friends captivated the audience as they watched the friendship between Alex the Lion and Marty the Zebra struggle as their differing opinions divided them.

With the help of sassy Gloria the Hippo and hypochondriac Melman the Giraffe the gang realised the importance of friendship and decided that the ‘wild’ is not so bad as long as they had each other.












The vivacious King Julien was played brilliantly, he tirelessly kept control of his pack of lemurs and led the catchy song ‘I like to move it’ with so much enthusiasm that the whole audience was clapping along.Mad3










Not forgetting the sneaky penguins trying to make their way to the wide, open spaces of Antarctica. Their quippy one-liners had the audience in fits of laughter after they decided that the South Pole was a little chilly and maybe sunbathing on the white sand beaches of Madagascar would be a better fit for them.

There was such a wide range of characters in the play, such as zookeepers, intelligent monkeys, scary fosses, animal control, journalists, zoo guests, police officers and lionesses. All of the children from Year 5 played each character confidently and we were so impressed by their acting talents.Mad4











Backstage had a lot of work to do - from bright pink wigs to long, thick Giraffe eyelashes to scary Fossa costumes; the make-up and costume creations really brought the whole production together.

Edward Thompson, Head of Year 5, said: “The Year 5 pupils have worked tirelessly to put on this impressive production and should all be highly commended for their participation. A big thank you to my Year 5 team and in particular Sam Morgan and Lucy Fewkes for their dedication to all aspects of the play. Thanks also to those teachers who have supported back stage and the group of parent helpers for giving up their time to help with make-up and costumes.”