Performance poet Antosh Wojcik waxes lyrical with Clifton pupils

Performance poet Antosh Wojcik waxes lyrical with Clifton pupils

We were delighted to welcome performance poet Antosh Wojcik to Clifton.

Antosh is a poet who has performed at Glastonbury, Latitude and Edinburgh Literature Festival, and is currently Lecturer of Poetry at the University of Winchester. He gave pupils an insight into the sometimes-surreal life of a poet, and shared his thoughts, tricks and literary inspirations.  

He started the day at Clifton by judging pupils’ poetic efforts in the Percival Poetry sort-of Slam at the Percival Library.

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Standards were very high, but Antosh placed the inflatable crown on worthy winner Simi Balogun (below) after some intense yet speedy deliberation. Simi was also awarded with a fantastic poetry anthology, Poems on the Underground. Here is the intro of her winning poem Me and You:

No matter what
They say to me
I am confident
In my Destiny.

The person who
Stands before you
Tells a story
That we need to
Hear and adhere to
Every day.
This person
Though worthless, is
Proving their worth
On stage
A pitiful display
Of rage and creativity

AntoshLater on, Antosh performed his work to all of Year 10. They were treated to a fantastic range of original work that covered everything from hydrophobia and wayward sisters to personified playgrounds and waxwork models. Click here to watch a video of Antosh's performance at the College.

He also found time to run a poetry workshop for two Year 9 classes, using the theme of home and poems from Safia Elhillo’s book The January Children to inspire their writing. He helped pupils focus on the use of specific language in the poems, and discover the 'hidden poetry' within conversations about home. 

Leah Shaw, Percival Librarian, said: “His work is beautifully constructed and plays with language to create sophisticated, surreal poems, full of thoughtful digression.

"His performance was filled with humour and he really encouraged pupils to think about the function of poetry."

Antosh will be judging the Clifton Online Poetry Slam for Year 10 later this term, his visit encouraging our students to take to the mic. His final advice to budding poets? “Read as much as you can.”  

Leah and the other librarians fully endorse this advice! We'd like to thank him for his time and enthusiasm.