Year 3 trip to Welsh Bicknor

Year 3 trip to Welsh Bicknor

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Every year, the Year 3s have their first residential school trip with a night away on a visit to Welsh Bicknor. 

This year was another fantastic trip. The children enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with their school friends away from the classroom and visit some exciting destinations: Tintern Abbey, Clearwell Caves, Perrygrove Railway, Goodrich Castle and the Birds of Prey Centre. 

All of the children were impeccably behaved and went to bed at a reasonable hour (after the ‘midnight’

feast). Here's what some of the children said about the trip:

"We sat on bean bags, drank hot chocolate, ate biscuits and sang songs" – Alanna

"I loved going on the train with my friends and finding objects on the treasure hunt" - Miles

"It was really fun to sleep over without your family" - Seb

"I liked when we sang songs before bedtime" - Eliza

"I enjoyed playing games with my friends" - Leyla

"It was the time of my life" - Roman

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