Nine year old pupil wins technology competition

Nine year old pupil wins technology competition

Jude Young Award

Year 5 pupil Jude Young has won a microprocessor competition for secondary school students run by science advisory service CLEAPSS.

To enter the competition, Jude designed a touch-screen GPS map and speedometer attached to a Raspberry Pi. He assembled the device piece by piece, coded software in Python 2.7 to tell the Raspberry Pi what to do, and tested his creation on his own bike. His innovative device won him first place.

Jude’s teacher and Science Technician Maria Antonio encouraged him to enter the competition. She said: “I am so impressed with the level of Jude’s subject knowledge. He combined Science, Technology, Design and Mathematics to engineer a remarkable microprocessor. Jude relishes  the opportunity to problem solve as well as the hands-on challenges of handling components so I thought this competition would ideal for him. We are very proud of his achievement!”

DSC 3747

CLEAPSS presented Jude with a certificate, an electronic bundle and an e-textiles pack as part of his award. The College will also receive a 3D printer from the Sponsors Kora. 

Jude said: “The School’s Cycling Club needed a speedometer to measure how fast they were going and I thought it would be great to design something for them to use and enter it in the CLEAPPS competition. I am flustered I actually won as I thought there was only a slim chance this would happen. I will definitely enter more competitions in the future!”

Jude has previously won the AstroPi Python programming challenge for his age category. Thanks to this result, he has been accepted in a space science conference for children run by the UK Space Agency and ESA. He will be giving a talk about his AstroPi to more than 80 children and adults at the University of Portsmouth in November. Jude may also get to see Tim Peake, who will be attending the conference.