Pupil Designs Raspbery Pi MP3 Player for Space Station

Pupil Designs Raspbery Pi MP3 Player for Space Station

We would like to congratulate Preparatory School pupil Jude Young for winning a competition to design an MP3 player on a Raspberry Astro Pi computer. The competition, open to any school-age student living in the UK, was to code an MP3 player for astronaut Tim Peake in the International Space Station. As a winner, Jude's code was uploaded and run on Tim’s Astro Pis in space

Tim -iss

View the Astro Pi website for more information. 

"One of the goals of the Astro Pi mission was to enable school-age students to gain inexpensive access to the same computer used by the crew of the ISS. This is made possible by the low-cost Raspberry Pi."

Here is Jude's announcement as a winner of the MP3 competition. 

 Jude’s player has all the standard features you would expect in an MP3 player, with buttons for play, pause, skip next previous, and volume up/down. It has a number of fun patterns on the LED matrix that can play in time to the music, and it also displays the name of the track currently being played.

Below is a picture of Jude with his working Raspberry Pi machine. Well done Jude, it's a great achievement and we hope Tim Peake enjoyed your MP3 player in space!