Feedback from Cabaret - 19 November 2015

Feedback from Cabaret - 19 November 2015

We've had some fantastic feedback from our performance of Cabaret, and some lovely emails from many of our parents and supporters of the Redgrave Theatre who came to watch the production.

It was great to see so many people in attendance and enjoying the play - and thank you again to everyone who visited and took part.


Some snippets from emails we've received in the last week

"Another triumph and a very moving, memorable finale."

"What absolutely stunning performances last night"

"Every principal, dancer, ensemble member and musician - let alone the technical crew, backstage staff and leaders of this production was just unbelievably outstanding!"

"The performances were breathtaking - just magnificent!"

"Cabaret was the musical that made me fall in love with theatre - and it happened again last night"

"Lisa Minelli move over - Xanthe Lynden has taken over! What a voice!"

"What a huge effort of imaginative planning, auditioning, set design, choreography, direction, musical preparation and this combined with the exhilarating confidence that went into the production!"

"A mesmerising performance from the EmCee"

"Herr Shultz and Frau Schneider's love affair and their performance work was just stunning"

"We had to remind ourselves that these were 16 - 18 year olds on the stage - they could take this to the West End!"

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