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Comic Workshops in the Prep Library - 09 November 2015

Comic Workshops in the Prep Library - 09 November 2015

Clifton College Preparatory School Library were delighted to welcome two eminent local comic artists recently - providing an exciting array of workshop and events - with everyone from Nursery to Year 8 getting involved in what was a first of its kind for the school.

Neill Cameron and Laura Ellen Anderson, who both write for the Phoenix Comic, visited our library, teaching our children a range of skills from how to make party hats to how to draw awesome comics and villainous villains!

Children in the Prep School were excited about meeting two illustrators from one of their favourite comics - which is widely stocked in the library and read by our children here.

Both Laura and Neill provided vibrant workshops and lively storytelling sessions, and it was a pleasure to welcome them both to the Prep Library. For news on more events such as this, and to keep up to date with latest goings on, be sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter.