BBC Children in Need Costume Parade | Clifton College

Children in Need Costume Parade - 13 November 2015

Children in Need Costume Parade - 13 November 2015

On Friday last week, the Prep and Pre Prep Schools gathered in the Butcombe Hall to showcase their fantastic outfits for BBC’s Children in Need. Alongside a great parade, where our children got the opportunity to show off their amazing costumes, parents and members of the local community gathered for a cake and book sale, all proceeds of which go straight to Children in Need.

There were some fantastic outfits to be seen - including Spiderman, Robin Hood, Harry Potter, Elsa from Frozen and many more!

The children had a great time, and we greatly appreciated the amount of effort that was put in by them (and parents!) for the whole week.

Overall the Book Fair week was a huge success. We had some great workshops and visits from artists and authors, including the excellent Neill Cameron and Laura Ellen Anderson. You can read more about their visit and the time they spent with the children here: