Sleepover Club: The Boarding Olympics - 08 May 2015

Sleepover Club: The Boarding Olympics - 08 May 2015

Sleepover Club this week hosted the first ever boarding Olympics and it did not disappoint! 

It was a unique tournament with a mix of Human Hungry Hippos, water balloon volleyball and dodgeball.

After enjoying pizza for tea, the children separated into four teams with the aim of winning a very large box of chocolates! However, what they had really been looking forward to was playing the much anticipated Human Hungry Hippos – watch the video to see it in action!

Charlotte Graveney, Housemistress of Poole’s House, said: “Sleepover Club Olympics was fantastic event which the children thoroughly enjoyed! The fun games and soaking the staff with water balloons followed by sweets and chocolate back in the houses was the perfect way to spend an evening with all of their friends.”

Sleepover Club is a great way for pupils to experience boarding life at Clifton and it is far more fun than a babysitter! It is available for boys and girls in Years 4 – 8 and there is a different theme for each Sleepover. There has been everything from a Harry Potter night to rock climbing to a Great British Boarding Bake Off.

Come and discover the fun of boarding! The next Sleepover Club events are:

20th May: Fabulous Feast Night
The girls and boys will join together to feast at Cosmo

18th June: Magical Memories (Year 3 only)
Year 3 will be mesmerised by our magician and experience their first Clifton College Sleepover. It's sure to be a great night!