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Project Mosaic Lizard - 30 March 2015

Project Mosaic Lizard - 30 March 2015

Clifton College Preparatory School’s Year 4 pupils were visited by this term by mosaic artist Kate Rattray.

Kate is an award winning artist, living and working in rural Somerset. Her work is inspired by nature and myth and she makes glass and ceramic mosaic works of art in a contemporary folk narrative style.

Kate has visited Barcelona where she was able to admire the mosaic works of Antonio Gaudi whose mosaic lizard has provided the inspiration for the children’s project. For the workshop, the artist prepared a metre-long lizard figure made from polystyrene. The children then used smashed plates and tiles to mosaic the sculpture.

This project is one of a series of artist-led initiatives we’ve organised this year, in conjunction with our neighbours at Bristol Zoo Gardens. As part of their project Year 4 visited the zoo to get some hands on experience of handling and drawing lizards. Once our mosaic lizard is completed it will be on display in the Hornby Art Centre for Commemoration Day, after which it is hoped it will move to the zoo before coming to rest permanently in the Rose Garden at the Pre.