Kids Company visit Year 7 - update

Kids Company visit Year 7 - update

On Sunday 1st March, a group of parents and children from the Prep school were involved in a ‘Changing Rooms’ style makeover of a flat in Bristol, as part of the Kids Company initiative, Colour a Child’s Life.

Below is part of a letter from Project Organiser Nick Haigh, who came to speak to us back in January.

‘Please pass on a big thank you from myself and Kids Company to the parents and children involved in the day. Their generosity was unbelievable, not just to those that were there and who donated their time, but also to the people who also donated …

… Working on a Colour a Child's Life project like this, where families and their own children are involved is, I believe, a first for Kids Company, either here or in London, but it showed it can work with the right circumstances.’

A big thank you and well done to Shannon Schrijver for organising the work with Kids Company.