Year 5 workshop with local illustrator

Year 5 workshop with local illustrator


Sea Mural


Alexia Tucker Yr5

Clifton College Preparatory School’s Year 5 art classes worked with visiting local artist Alexia Tucker in the first week of term.

Alexia is a freelance illustrator working from the Drawn in Bristol studio in Stokes Croft. She moved to Bristol after enjoying three years by the sea, studying Illustration at Falmouth College of Arts. Much of her vibrant, colourful work is of life-like creatures, and provided the inspiration for the children’s Under the Sea project.

The children were encouraged to examine patterns in pictures of a variety of sea creatures, and to consider ‘zentangle’ patterns as a form of decorative illustration.

Alexia Tucker Yr5 2Head of Art at the Preparatory School Anita Kipling explains ‘This project is one of a series of artist-led initiatives we’ve organised this year, in conjunction with our neighbours at Bristol Zoo Gardens. Over the coming months, the children will be working with artists from a variety of disciplines on animal-related themes, several of which will be on display in the zoo itself’.