Oscars, Clifton College-style

Oscars, Clifton College-style

The week before half term is traditionally filled with the smell of the grease paint, the roar of the crowd, culminating in a celebration of thespian achievement and team spirit, otherwise known as the House Drama Festival.

This morning’s award ceremony, MCed by Head of Drama Karen Pickles, crackled with tension and pride as awards were distributed. So without further ado,

Best Preparation: West Town
Best Costume Design: Hallward’s House
Technical Achievements: School House
Best Staging: West Town
Choreography: East Town
Artistic Endeavour: Wiseman’s House
Stage Presence: Melissa Dunn
Best 3rd Form Performance: Charlie Webster
Achievement Award: School House
Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Jan Globisz
Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Florence Woolley
Best Actor: Bart Thiede
Best Actress: Sasha Hornak
Best Director: Xanthe Lynden
Best Comedy: The Ladybirds
Best Drama: The Gut Girls
Best Production: The Children’s Hour

The House Plays were:
The Ladybirds (West Town)
Great comic timing and attention to detail … No one let the side down…

The Dead Poet’s Society (North Town)
Well-choreographed … played convincingly … interesting …

No Naughty Bits (South Town)
Strong cast all round. American accents were well maintained by all roles … well cast.

Cuba (Oakeley’s House)
Beautifully synchronised scenes within scenes.

Blackadder II (Watson’s House)
Thigh-slapping comedy with some hilarious comic mistiming … great fun for cast and audience.

The Gut Girls (Worcester House)
Sensitive portrayal of vulnerability and intimacy … A slick and well-rehearsed production.

Story of a Pint (Wiseman’s House)
Set design was particularly impressive … Actors displayed a remarkable maturity … A fluid transition from vignette to vignette.

Diamond in the Rough (East Town)
If variety is the spice of life, this production certainly spiced things up!

The Lieutenant of Inishmore (School House)
Nothing could prepare us for the blood and gore! Special recognition goes to stage hands and special effects crew.

The Children’s Hour (Hallward’s House)
Strong characterisation, maintaining audience interest, not with gimmicks, but with the quality of the acting.

Neville’s Island (Moberley’s House)
Lots of fun to watch … an entertaining performance …

Thanks to James Baker, Vanessa Walsh and Charlotte Peplowe, our illustrious judges.