One Small Step - 26 February 2015

One Small Step - 26 February 2015

One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind........

Congratulations go to Jude Young who has been named a finalist in the 'Sonic Pi' Competition, launched by the Raspberry Pi Association last term.

Jude is a budding musician and programmer in Year 4, and had to put together a 2 minute musical composition, using a Raspberry Pi, with the Sonic Pi App, which was released recently.

The theme was 'A Mission to Space' and his composition can be heard on-line, by visiting this link.

Jude was competing against children all across the country and was one of the youngest competitors.

He is currently learning the violin, piano and drums in School, in addition to learning programming in ICT lessons.

Mrs Hambley, Assistant Director of Studies, said: "Jude already knows a lot about Lego Mindstorms, Scratch and Fix the Factory, and is keen to learn more. As a result of this, Clifton has now purchased 10 more Pi's and installed Sonic Pi and will be teaching other children how to program with the app.

"He now goes off to the Raspberry Pi Finals at the end of the month, so we wish him every success. Many thanks must also go to Mr Crabtree for his thoughts and ideas."