Band Night

Band Night

Review by Phoebe Currie, Upper Sixth

2015 Band Night took the Redgrave Theatre by storm, rocking its foundations with many electric guitar solos from Jonty O’Callaghan and Hudii Abdul Sattar. The theatre was buzzing with excitement as the 20 different groups of performers prepared for a highly enjoyable two hour set. 

The acts varied across the ages with everyone showing plenty of enthusiasm and potential. There was a One Direction-like 4th form Boy Band (Chris, Tom, PJ, Maxim and Archie) who got everyone singing along to some classics like ‘Mr Brightside’ by The Killers and ‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis.

Upper sixth former Hud performed ‘Figure It Out’ and ‘Out of Black’  in his last Band Night ever. He dedicated them to the teachers who have ‘made him the player he is today’. He is truly an impressive guitarist and hopefully we will be able to see him perform again.

Another act that was brilliantly clever was by Charles Vaughan, Will Sharp-Neal and Chloe Wedlake. Will sang the vocals to the song ‘Limit to your Love’ in a captivating deep voice whilst Charles and Chloe went about adding the all the different layers of backing track. It was really good to watch as the song was being produced in front of our eyes. Charles also did the same to the song ‘Voices’ with Joe Hargan singing the vocals using a very complex looking three-tiered keyboard.

To round off a highly entertaining and enjoyable evening of electro, rock, pop, punk and alternative music, our ears were met with the angelic voices of Jodie Johnsey-Smith, India Greenbury and Joe Hargan. Jodie sang ‘Proud Mary’ beautifully and it was a great way to end the evening.

Well done to everyone who performed!