Ebola virus expert talks to Scientific Society - 03 December 2014

Ebola virus expert talks to Scientific Society - 03 December 2014

Ebola Dec14 SmOld Cliftonian Chris Lane (Dakyns' House 1977-82), from Public Health England, visited the Upper School’s Scientific Society on Friday 28th November to talk about the spread of the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone.

Around 70 pupils attended a packed Kendrew Room and questions were asked well into the evening.  

‘I was happy to stay much later than I’d intended’, said Chris, ‘such was the interest and concern about the subject. I was really impressed with the questions the pupils asked – a really thought-provoking evening for all’.

The event was organised by Dr Remy Poland, Head of Biology. ‘Chris Lane captivated the audience with an honest and realistic account of his experience in trying to contain the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone’, said Dr Poland.  ‘Staff and pupils were humbled by his frank descriptions of the realities of fieldwork and what it means to be an epidemiologist’.

Lower 6th pupil Xanthe Lynden commented, ‘It’s an important issue that needs to be discussed and Chris's talk was interesting and informative, while also delivering a powerful, hard-hitting message about this humanitarian crisis’.

The picture shows Chris, and lower 6th pupil Max Conn, who wore the plastic PPE suit for the duration of the talk to demonstrate how hot it can get.